Volvo engine water pump

I recently purchased a 1978 BBC in Seattle. There wasn’t much water coming out the exhaust so I replaced the impeller. The engine is a Volvo MD7A and I do have the manual. The pump attaches to a plate at the rear of the engine with two bolts. One of them was quite rusted, indicating a leak and that the pump needs to be rebuilt. The problem is that the bolt head is in such bad shape that it will not take a wrench. There is a specialized nut which fits over worn bolts/nuts and grips into them so that they can be turned. In this case there is inadequate clearance to do this. Other options that I will try, in addition to lubricant, are heating with a propane torch, or cooling with a special product while applying a vicegrip. My last gasp would be to remove the plate on the engine, on which the pump is attached and taking the whole thing to the shop. Has anyone unbolted this plate? I have no idea whether in doing so I will end up with a flood of oil, or various parts falling out… etc. Advice is welcome!

Page 11 of the workshop manual shows what’s under the plate. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with parts falling out. I would remove the engine oil and then unbolt the plate. I use a thin plastic bag (from grocery store vegetables) for containing the oil when changing the oil filter. That might help if there’s a bit of oil behind the plate.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

It’s winter and I just tried the last suggestion- removing the plate on which the water pump is mounted. The bolts came off easily but the plate did not. Tried prying it off by hand and it is fixed to the engine. Suggestions?

Sorry Paul, I just discovered your last post of Feb 22. I bet you’ve pried off the plate, and taken the plate and pump to a shop, and it’s all fixed, and now there’s lots of exhaust water coming out??