Water tanks 20 years later

Hi everyone,
Boy, my haulout is turning into a minor refit!

Besides a redesign on my battery system, rebuilding the drive train, re painting the bulwarks and other hualout specific maintenance I now have to replace my water tank(s). And we thought we would re-launch this Wednesday… HA!

Shanti is a partial SLM finished boat. As such the water tank in her is a 40gal stainless tank where the 2 plastic 22 gal tanks are located on the factory boat, just aft of the mast. It has sprung a leak and will not hold more than 3-4 gallons at this point.

So my thought is, since I have to take up the cabin sole, is to replace with the plastic Ronco tanks with the standard SLM configuration of 3 tanks = 70gals.

Questions are: How have the Ronco tanks held up over the last 20 years. Any downside? Taste? Are they baffled? Any and all comments are welcome.


Gary I have pleastic tanks and there is a slight taste to them, there are no baffles, I cannot comment on their lifespan as yet. I think they are a fair choice. Good luck with the refit. I hope the slight taste disappears with use.

Hi Gary , My original SS water tank started leaking around the lower welded seams, where pin holes developed at the welds.

When I was in Oz I found a PVC water tank maker, who made tanks for RV’s and boats, and then replaced both tanks.

Seems that the chlorine in the water attacked the ss weld joints, all too common a problem.

The food grade PVC tanks leave no odor or taste .

We lined one of our two water tanks in the keel with two Vetus flex tanks. Compared to the water in the built-in GRP #1 tank, the water from the flex tanks always tastes better even after running it through a carbon filter. Most plastics contain plasticizers to make the product more flexible, resilient and easier to handle when casting in a mold. I suspect these leach into the water and cause the taste most people reference. An inline carbon filter between the pump and faucet will remove most plasticizers.

So one of your tanks is a custom built GRP tank as opposed to Ronco plastic tank? And this gives a “taste”?

The tanks are built into the keel, i.e. they are part of the keel. I had to rebuild the #1 tank - epoxy. We elected to install two Vetus tanks in the #2 tank. This tank is below the companionway steps. It’s not the best arrangement. Eventually, we will have custom flex tanks built for both the #1 and #2 tanks. These will act as liners.

The water from either tank does not really have a taste but for some reason, water from the #2 tank (flex tanks) seems to taste better than water from the #2 tank.