We have space for 4 BCC 28s at Marina village....

Wayne and everyone who is coming to the Norsea Fest.

Greg Delezynski just called me and said that Marina Village Yacht Harbor
(which is 250 feet from the Oakland Yacht Club) has available 4 spaces
BCC 28s. These are slips according to Greg and one of you BCC people HAS
to call and talk to ‘Alan’ tommorrow early. His number is (510)

Tell him you are calling to confirm and reserve  those 4 slips  for the
“Lyle Hess get together” this coming weekend. Tell him your arrival

Greg talked to a "Linda Tromblay’ this morning at the Marina Office
(Same number) and
she said Alan was out until tommorrow morning and to call early. This
Marina is large
and very nice…

Should’nt be a problem.

See you all this weekend…

Fair winds
Bob Eeg
(949) 489-8227

The Edney’s wrote:

          Please double check and let me know how many slips are available at the Oakland Yacht Club.  Without direct confirmation from the Northsea Group, Tycho Horning (BCC Penguin) called me while hauling out in Alameda and said that he had spoken to the person in charge of guest slips and that they only had reserved space for 3 Northseas.  In addition, the Yacht Club was expecting 25 boats from Vallejo next weekend.  I assumed that this meant no room for the larger Hess get together we had talked about.
     If we can confirm space available, Odyssey, Penguin, Glory, and Anita Rock are all interested.  There may be a couple of others as well if we can post confirmation on the BCC Group site.  In addition, I know several people plan on arriving by car.  Are there slip numbers that we need to know about at the Yacht Club?
     If this is all a go from your end lets stay with the original plan because we all would love to be in close proximity to the boat show and enjoy the company of other Lyle Hess boats.  
     Hopefully looking forward to seeing you in Alameda!

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