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The mast was just pulled and some very quick decisions need to be made.
The mast was damaged in the Asian Tsunami.
Upon removal and positioning it between 2 vee block stands, a noticable bend is evidenced, and small ripples on the stb side, between the spreaders are viewable.
The yard manager says to replace the mast.
It is a 1986 vintage, tapered aluminum, extrusion from Forespar, with very little corrosion.
Does anyone have an idea how much a new mast and spreaders would cost from Forespar ?
I would write to Forespar, but I have found them slow to respond, like 9 - 10 days, and I don’t even know if the new BCC’s are supplied with Forespar tapered masts or with some other manufacturer’s spars.
Can anyone pass on some information to me ? Douglas Walling, E: dwkayaks@yahoo.com

Hi Doug:

Sam L. Morse still use Forespar masts, so I would suggest you talk with Sumio. The price of the mast is varied by certain options.



  As of my boat (118) Forespar was still doing our masts and I have not heard otherwise.  I have found them to be quite responsive to phone inquiries...big LD bill from where you are I'm sure.  No idea on cost.  Sumio might help with that.


A new mast and boom costs US$6,600 (not including shipping costs). If you don’t need a new boom, you’re in the ballpark of US$6,000.

Forespar masts carry a serial number (on the gooseneck fitting, near the gooseneck look for a 6 digit number stamped into the aluminum).

If you find the serial number, you’re in luck, because Forespar maintains a database and knows exactly how your mast was originally set up (ie the height of winches, lights, the arrangement at the masthead, etc).

Forespar Products Corporation is at 2232 Gilberto, Rancho Santa Margharita, California 92688, Telephone: +1 949 858 8820; Fax: +1 949 858 0505; e-mail: sales@forespar.com service@forespar.com.

But the person to deal with when buying a mast is Mr Alan Massey (alan@yachtprojectsetc.com) of Yacht Projects Etc, (http://www.yachtprojectsetc.com/). Yacht Projects Etc is a division of Forespar (or a spin-off). It’s at 1460 Nevin Road, Devore, CA 92407. Telephone +1 909 880 1678 Fax +1 909 473 1853.