What Type of Boat is She?

This is common question I am asked. I now answer, “She is one of the legendary Bristol Channel Cutters.” instead of “She is a Bristol Channel Cutter.”

Today, very few people have ever heard of a Bristol Channel Cutter. By attaching the adjective “legendary” to the name, I am hoping to set the boat apart from other sail boats and perhaps help main the interest in these boats, as well as maintain market value.

In the 70’s and 80’s the BCC was legendary for her sailing qualities, build, seaworthiness, speed, proper ocean going interior and ocean passages. Her lines were born on the western approaches to England. The English Channel Cutter was legendary for her seaworthiness and speed. The times have changed but the legend lives on in the Bristol Channel Cutter.



I like it Rod – I shall adopt the same practice.

Does this also then make us all “legendary” Captains???

Probably old decrepit salts.


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