Who moved BCC's in the US?

My memory is that Sam Morse…Roger…Sumio…only allowed one shipper to move their boats. Does anyone remember who that was?

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I believe that if SLM were responsible for shipping a vessel, they used one contractor. However, owners often selected their own contactors if they were responsible for shipping.

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Zygote moved to her launch courtesy of Joule Yacht Transport Inc. (established 1954, Tel. 1 800 237 0727; www.jouleyacht.com).

Joule Yacht Transport has a fleet of right pleasant Freightliners and lowboys (Zygote rode on trailer T-129; Meryl and I sat beside Denny in the cab of Freightliner prime mover #1012).

The Joule Yacht Transport website suggests the company serves all the lower 48 states. Their corporate office is in Florida.

Should lack of boat maintenance leave you with more time on your hands than is acceptable, note that Freightliner Trucks has a neat ‘Hauler Challenge’ game, somehow associated with NASCAR, for Android tablets and iCrap; see http://www.freightlinertrucks.com/Community/Motorsports/NASCAR/Hauler-Challenge-Game

Note that Joule Yacht Transport has a guide (a *.pdf) to preparing a boat for transport at: http://www.jouleyacht.com/media/JouleYachtTrasnport_BoatPrepGuide_Form301-rev1.pdf

And a checklist (another *.pdf) at: http://www.jouleyacht.com/media/JouleYachtTrasnport_BoatPrepChecklist_Form300-rev1.pdf

Is White Wings III going for a fast ride?



Had Stravaigin moved by Joule they did a good job for me. From Maine to Florida, very courteous and punctual. No issues at all, they gave a reliable quote when others wouldn’t, and all went well. I would use them again.

In 2006 Morning Star was transported from Portland to Anacortes. I don’t remember the trucker but the transport was set up by Bernie at Roguewave so he may know. I was very satisfied and if memory serves it cost right around $1000

Sam used Dudley. He shipped Shaula to Seattle in 1981. We used Dudley again in 2008 to ship Shaula from San Diego to Olympia, WA. Highly recommended!
Dan Shaula

Thank you all for your replies. I did some more digging and finally found a shipping invoice from Joule (safely filed in a place where I wouldn’t expect to find it)

Bil: The email I have for you is no longer good…I responded in a personal message…might you forward me a current email please?..T

For Dan and everyone: Dudley Boat Transportation Inc. has a useful guide to preparing a boat for transport at: http://www.dudleyboats.com/PDF/HowTo.pdf

Dudley Boat Transportation’s website (at http://www.dudleyboats.com/index.html) doesn’t seem as well (and recently) cultivated as that of Joule Yacht Transport (at: http://www.jouleyacht.com/).

Dudley BT is based at Gig Harbour, WA. Dudley BT seem, at least from my browsing, to restrict their business to the Canadian and US Pacific coast.

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Does anyone know of or remembers Dick and Chris Todd and their BCC ?

When I was in NZ , their shoreside home was pointed out to me as we sailed past . I think it may have been located near the entrance pass to Kawau Is .

Some what later on , I heard that their BCC was being transported in the San Francisco Bay area by truck.

During the transport , the truck trailer sideswiped a fixed object and some damage to the boat occurred , but details were not exposed to me .

Dick , if that is really his name , was a fine musician . This event was prior to 1999 , and was told to me by Doug Schmuck , of BCC Puffin , located in Bay of Islands , NZ . Doug , does not reply to emails I sent him , nor does he comment on our forum , at least not yet !

T Y , Bil for the Dudleyboats and Jouleyacht websites , most helpful to me .

The story about our friends Dick and Cris Todd’s BCC Chautauqua is true. It was repaired and then sold. They also sold their place on Kawau I. and built a wonderful place in the Sierra foothills not far from Yosemite NP.

Doug, when will you arrive in the Pacific NW? We’re looking forward to getting together! We’re up in fantastic Desolation Sound for another month.

Dan Shaula