Winter sailing (was Re: Digest Number 832)

Responding to sistership Aloha’s plea,

Yes. Sailing! Dottie and I and Itchen had a one of those rare mid-winter
sails on our first leg South. Left Solomon’s a bit before dawn on Monday,
had the Bay pretty much to ourselves all day and found a pretty little snug
anchorage behind Grog Island just N of Windmill Point. Temperatures were in
the mid-40’s but sunny afternoons made for pleasant going. Got started
around 6:30 next morn and by afternoon had a nice reaching breeze out of the
ESE (forecast was for W, go figure . . .) and made it into Ocean Marine
Yacht Center on the Elizabeth River (ICW MM 0) just after sunset. Nice
marina, courtesy car, floating docks – we rented a car and will take a two
week break and then continue on towards Florida, whenver there’s some decent
weather (ie, not snowing). This was the first trip for us through Norfolk;
wall to wall aircraft carriers, shipyards and containership cranes. Not the
typical gunkhole experience but very interesting and enjoyable in its own

The Yamaha starter is resolute in maintaining it’s own right of free will.
Works most of the time but once gain was in a sulk as we doused sail
approaching New Point Comfort. It seems most apt to be balky when the engine
is shut down hot after motor sailing and then restarted a little while later
while still fairly hot. Always (maybe always) starts when cold. I think we
will get a new starter & solenoid and then rebuild the old one to keep as a
spare. And check out everything else on Mart Chin’s list just to be on the
safe side.

Regards to all, and special thanks to Kate and Bernie (who convinced us to
get out of boat-looking & chartering mode and actually buy a BCC that was
ready to go and didn’t need a lot of work – and to Sumio who keeps new ones
in production and supports the older one’s with good advice and replacement

Scott & Dottie

Itchen (BCC #73)

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Rod and Gary,

Nicely said! Let’s all go back to talking about stuff that actually
matters, like bilge pumps and bow sprits, sails and varnish, bronze and
buffing, and I hope sailing and getting together to talk about sailing!


Hooray Scott, Dot, and Itchen!
You are my heros...YES! Look at you go.  We are grateful for the phone calls to let us know you are safe and as always, we are standing by to help if we can. Glad you are tied up safe after a great winter adventure. Bernie has been up and down about 50 times so call anytime.
I hope you can tell us more about your trip as you go South. You did catch a nice window of fairly warm days and maybe just a little breeze. Sounds like a great adventure.
Safe Sailing
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