Wisker stays

Can anyone tell me what tension they are running on their wisker stays? I have a little Falmouth and am not sure how to tune them. I have them very snug but not super tight, I walk on them a lot as I have no lifelines or pulpit but wonder if they are too tight.

Hey barefoot,
I use to tension my Falmouth whisker stays so the sprite would not touch either side of the gammon iron (inside edge) while sailing. This was fairly tight.

When you step on the starboard whisker stay, does your sprite move up against the starboard side of the gammon iron? If it does so easily, you’re too loose. If it JUST touches, then you’re fine.

They are snug enough that they may move a smudge but its not noticeable, it groans a bit but not much, I was afraid I might be putting too much pressure on the teak plug that holds the sprite in.

It can take a lot. Not to worry.