Working in San Francisco

hello all,

my name is Duncan Edwards and I currently own a little pocket cruising boat, Beneteau
First 210… i have been interested in the BCC for some time and have never seen one nor
sailed on one…

i live in Clinton, ct (just moved from new York City to a small horse farm where my wife
trains Andalusian and Lusitano horses and teaches classical dressage)… my deal was that i
would get a boat and begin to cultivate the skills for costal and off shore cruising…

i think that realistically i am several years away from purchasing a bcc, but am interested
in learning more about the boat…

here’s my request… while i am here in San Francisco, i would like to connect up with
someone and visit them and see the boat… if you are going out for a sail, i would live to
tag along…

my schedule… i am the sound designer for a production of “I love you, you’re perfect, now
change” at the Marines Memorial Theater… i will be very busy through Saturday the 8th
and perhaps would have time Sunday morning (depending upon how the show goes
Saturday)… i have booked my return for Tuesday late, so i could connect up sometime
Monday or Tuesday…

on another note… if anyone is interested in seeing a preview performance of the show, let
me know… i may be able to get free tickets if they are offering any to the design staff…

thanks, Duncan Edwards 860 669 7597