A BCC sized hauling trailer

I am Sam Neuwirth, an aspiring BCC owner. I am interested in any dialog about trailer options for a BCC.
My interest is not so much in hiring a company to move the BCC that I buy to where I live in Bellingham, although I have researched that option and it is viable and straightforward.
What I am wondering is if anyone knows about towing a BCC with a 3/4 or 1 ton truck, by themselves. It seems that if one lives near the marina, as I do, with a pickup truck and trailer, I could haul out and take the boat to my backyard to store or work on her, rather than keep her in the water or the boatyard and pay fees for storage when she is not in use.
And as for hauling a long distance, if she is bought on the east coast, she is small enough to do that with a one ton pickup, it would seem. The cost of having her shipped from coast to coast, USA, is going to be close to 12k, using a professional hauler with a semi truck.
But buying a used 3/4 or 1 ton pickup worktruck, and a trailer might not be a heckuvalot costlier, and I could do it myself and have the rig and trailer to keep for future haul outs to my backyard, if I wanted to store her or do extensive refits.
I know for 12k I might not find a pristine worktruck and trailer, but I think a stout trailer is the critical point, and most of the cost ought to go toward that.
Does anyone want to talk about what kind of trailer one needs to haul a BCC?

Hi Sam,
I may be wrong, as I mostly am. But the BCC is just too big. You would have to always have special considerations (in Cali needs a 6500lb tractor for hauling) or other consideration because of her 10’ beam. I had a Falmouth which weighed 1/2 as much and you need a beefed up 1 ton to haul it (almost lost the brakes on a long dowhill grade into San Diego). I’m sure others have trailered one with less. But I would imagine it would be scary.

You can get what they call a back-haul for a lot less than 12k. I did So Cal to So Fla for 5K a few years ago.

The beam of a BCC is 122"" (308.88 cms). The federal mandate is 102" (260.00 cms) width before you need to be considered as an excess load. Therefore, Seacap is correct.

When are you guys ever going to convert to decimal?

OK, I am glad to know that is your experience. I would have a wide load
there. I do see that a cross country trucker recently hauled to here in
Bellingham a boat that was that wide, on his semi tractor and trailer. He
did have to have guide cars in some states. Thanks, Sam

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Thanks for the feedback most esteemed Mr Website Magician;, as for the
decimal system, when I was in grade school they were preparing us to learn
to convert to it. They told us it was coming any day. But they
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Ahoy Sam , my wife suggested you watch " Shipping Wars" season one episode II , and you can Google it , this hauling job might suggest your need could be met ???

We too are looking for inexpensive truck transport, a distance of 1.5 mile , hopefully using a heavy equipment transport trailer and dump truck .

We were quoted $ 800.00 , for a local boat transport company to do the job .

We have our boat on it’s own steel cradle , and a travel lift on both ends and this is in Port Townsend, WA .

IMO , taking your BCC home to work on it, is a good thing to do , and you wouldn’t be the first to do so with a BCC .

Please keep us posted on your progress,

Thanks for the commentary, i will try to watch that show.
When I tried to watch it on my ancient laptop, all I got was digital spasms
and seizures. Just a couple years ago this laptop was as new as can be, now
it is obsolete.
Is the steel cradle you use something you created that you keep her on, or
a boatyard provides?
I am also going to look into the possibility of a truck coming back here
to Puget Sound “deadheaded”, in need of a load after taking a shipment to
the east coast. So far I have not found that catagory. Sam

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hello Seacap,
I would like to find one of these backhaul deals. So far, that has been inconclusive. I posted on a site called Uship, which allows you to ask for bids on your hauling project. That is where I got a 10K quote. I also got a 12.5K quote. A boat hauler I met at the Bellingham marina who had just arrived with his semi and payload, told me that rates per mile range between $3.50/mile and $5.
When he arrived in Bellingham, he was faced with going back empty to Texas, so he was posting on this site, and perhaps others, to find a back haul. So it does happen, but so far I have not actually found a backhaul in the $5K price range. I think it is possible, but that would actually be enough just to cover a hauler’s costs. How did you find your bargain backhaul? Sam

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Hi leaping,
I called the local boat yard and asked who thy knew that hauled boats to their yard. The yard I left from in Newport Beach was Basin Marine. You can call them and ask who they know at (949) 673-0360. But I would also try one of the larger yards near where you want the boat to end up. These truckers usually follow the same routes more or less.

One thing, you have to work on their schedule.

I paid around 5k for mine in 2007 for California to Florida. But gas is now about a buck more a gallon, so that will drive up the cost.

Good luck. They are out there.

Sam chose Dudley Boat Transportation to haul Shaula from the SLM yard to Seattle back in 1981. In 2008, we chose Dudley to haul Shaula from San Diego to Olympia, WA. They did a great job both times. In 2008, Dudley kept looking several weeks for a haul from the NW to so. Cal so that he could reduce the price. He never found a backhaul and had to add $500 for a total of $4500.

Be careful choosing a hauler. BCC Chautauqua had extensive damage when a hauler underestimated her height (or that of the underpass?). Very sad. The repair yard spent about a year repairing it, the cost covered by insurance I think. She had just been shipped from NZ to Oakland and was probably still in her cradle. She had a custom wooden cabin that maybe was easier to repair than the usual FG cabin? Maybe not.

I will try that, thanks.

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I will make sure they have good insurance with that story. What a tragedy,
on land it is really dangerous for a boat it seems. They dont belong on
Maybe I the novice will find someone with lots of time and skill and we’ll
go from the East Coast thru Panama and up to WA. Has anyone here done that
journey? How long and difficult is that journey if you dont want to rush
but want to stay out of the hurricanes? Sam

On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 3:51 PM, BCC Forums bccforums@samlmorse.com wrote:

Ahoy Sam , in reply to your query , " Is the steel cradle you use something you created that you keep her on, or
a boatyard provides?"

We used a shipping agent in Kobe Japan to arrange shipping our BCC on a cargo container “Flat Rack” then placed that on a container ship, bound Seattle.

The agent found the used steel cradle and thick rubberized canvas cover, and sold them to us for USD $ 500.00 .

Attaching a photo .

As for sailing a recently purchased BCC on the East Coast back to Seattle , via the Canal , your bank roll would have to expand beyond what the highest price truck shipping would quote you .

Earlier you say , “Maybe I the novice will find someone with lots of time and skill and we’ll
go from the East Coast thru Panama and up to WA.”

Crew with time and skill will be expensive . The boat even a new one will require a heap of work and money to prepare for a voyage like that . I know, because I purchased my 11 year old BCC in Honolulu , in professionally maintained, “Ready to Go” condition , until I read the pre-purchase survey and it’s recommendations , Ouch !

Dreams do come true with time and money , but it will take everything you have and more .

FWIW When I bought “Morning Star” in Portland OR thru Bernie at Rogue Wave he found a haul for me Portland to Anacortes if I remember $1k. That was 2006. He seemed to know who to talk to.

Another , FWIW , for Sam . My storage Yard in Port Townsend WA , has a large abandoned wooden sailboat on an equally large trailer.

The attached photos show the 3 axel trailer, which , by my standards, would easily carry a BCC .

So maybe you could find a used trailer around in boat storage yards, like this one that has a port lien posted on the boat, and just hire or rent a truck when needed.

So what have you decided, Sam ?

Lots of helpful commentary, thanks all.
I decided that I just need to be patient for a west coast BCC to come along,because shipping a boat from the east coast to the west coast or sailing it is going to add too much cost for me. It adds enough to the cost such that you could put in place a lot of improvements for that money, 15k, minimum, instead of spending it all on fuel and shipping costs. I would really rather spend $ on new sails or rigging and such , for example ,
than on shipping.

one issue is the weight of a BCC which is a lot at 13000 lbs and that is more than most pickups can take.

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Looks heavy duty. What hull number s that?