A little help from the FC Group

We need a little help to keep the FC and BCC forum alive and well. Coledata, John Cole, runs the forums for us and absorbs most of the expenses, We need a new router, new software and the data must be transferred to the new software. We have donations mostly from the BCC users and one or two from the FC users.

We need to raise $250 to meet our goal of $1,500. Please help offset some of Coledata’s costs. A donation of $25, $50, $75, etc. is appreciated. Currently we are at the $1,225 level. Our goal is $1,500.

To make a donation, go to “Forum List” then “Donations”

Rod Bruckdorfer

P.S. A good morning to FC Stout in Philly - Philly Bike Expo 2013

The funding campaign is officially closed. I would like to thank all the individuals who donated - Thank YOu So Very Much. See list.

What does this forum really cost. If Coledata were to charge for their time, the cost is over $3,000. This year, in addition to the $3,000, we need to contract for programing a new forum - ~$2,000. The current forum is “cracking”, i.e. it’s old. Following are the stats:

Users: 1,658 (1,000 inactive users culled)
Banned users: 742
Forum Posts: 11,415
Private messages: 1,745

Coledata handles queries, private messages, etc, including prepping images for users, and deleting duplicate messages. About 100 spam posts every week are “killed”, usually before they hit the forum!

We need to help offset these costs. I am thinking about running an annual funding campaign.

Name Amount

Gary Simmons $200.00
Dereck Lundy $150.00
Rod Bruckdorfer $100.00
Andrew Blight $100.00
Tom Winkler $100.00
Nick & Rika Abe $100.00
Vagabond WiFi $50.00
Dan Dews $50.00
Timothy Pearla $50.00
Meryl Williams $50.00
Jay Odell $50.00
Luis Gomez $50.00
Paul Becker $50.00
Ron Thompson $50.00
Gary Mynett $50.00
Robert Rudy $50.00
Ron Walton $50.00
Bob & Erin Young $50.00
Eric Pomber $50.00
Gary Felton $50.00
John Riley $25.00
Paul Becker $15.00
Robert Young $15.00
Lowell Harrison $10.00

Total: $1515.00

Again, thank you.

Fair Winds,