A ?modified? Hess piece of eye candy at ScarbMarina

Zygote and ourselves are still on the hard doing a 15th birthday refit for Z. New chainplates, standing rigging, brightwork, etc.

Being on the hard separates us from the usual fun of living aboard in the marina. So we missed out on much of the detail of s/v Lucy, a cruiser that visited Scarborough Marina for just a few days on her way southbound back to Tasmania and then to New Zealand.

Second hand reports were that she is a modification of the lines of Larry Pardey’s Taleisin (which must mean a modification of Lyle C. Hess’s lines, no?). Built in Tasmania of Huon Pine. Double-ender. Single spreader rig. Aluminum mast, timber boom. Custom cast bronze fittings (but the gammon iron was s/s) to moulds made by one of the owners.

We took a break from yet another 5-minute job that was taking a day (as do most boatyard jobs, it seems) and took some pics. Not had time to sort those pics. But I found a website that has the relevant.

Point your browser to http://www.seabreeze.com.au/forums/Sailing/General/Boats-of-Port-Huon/ and scroll down to look at photos #3, 4, and 5.

Check out the boom.

Looked even prettier in real life!


wow somebody did some time here. a very pretty lass!