A Tippy Subject

Gosh Tom, an excellent question, I agree with Roy, his
description is very accurate, determining the spreader angle.
I was going to use the u bolt bulldog clamps at first, because I had
the same problem as Paul, with my flag hallard(sp-?) pulling my
spreader tip down, but Brian talked me out of it, and demonstrated
the excellent grip that a lever tightened constrictor knot has,
Brian went on to say that using the knot / friction tape combo, did
not create a corrosion problem, or dent or damage the cap shroud
wire, at a cyclicly(sp-?) loaded point. He also pointed out that it
was easy to cut away the knot and tape for corrosion and shroud
inspection later on. I just wish the tarred marline had a test
strength greater than 90 lb, because using a lever to tighten the
constrictor knot, it is very easy to break it, and you have to start
making the knot again.