Air conditioning a BCC

Ok!!! It’s Hot! Hot! Hot! What is the rest of the fleet doing with air conditioning? I’d like to hear about on board units, where they are mounted, Btu size and efficiency. Mark,I know Lightfoot had a unit mounted in the head cabinet and I believe you removed it. I thought that was an odd place for it. Any way I’m not looking to turn Jolie Brise into a floating locker or to hang a side of beef. I’m interested in being comfortable.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise

Hi Bob & Lois , my BCC spends a lot of it’s life as a second home for my wife and I .

Also, I have many upgrade projects, in progress, so that keeps my boat in lay-up , most of the time, drats !

Well, without air-con, here in Singapore, I get too lethargic, to do any work, during daylight, so an air-con while docked, is a must for me.

I have temporarily mounted a household small window unit, one time at the fwd scuttle hatch, but now have mounted it (temporarily) at the skylight.

I construct a sheet foam box over the hatch opening, with one side open for the aircon unit, then cover the foam box with blue plastic tarp.

Inside this foam box, I put a vertical foam partition, so this seperates the incoming and outgoing air, then use an electric fan inside the boat to circulate the cool air.

Douglas , nice and cool !

Hello Bob,
Yes, I removed the unit as it was not working properly and was impossible to service in the cabinet in which they installed it. Even if it was working I would still have removed the unit, just didn’t like the idea of dedicating that amount of storage space to something I would not get any utility from. Now if I were living aboard at a slip…maybe another matter.