alpenglow lights

hello from the Northwest.

I am planning to replace my interior lights with Alpenglow dual mode lamps. What size have folks found to be best? Thank you.


As with most of the recent BCC28s, Zygote has a 8?" x 5?" x 2" Alpenglow fitting in the galley.

The light is operated by two rocker switches. The larger and outboard rocker selects high (0.7 amp providing 400 lumens) or low (0.3 amp providing 200 lumens) power from a white compact fluorescent bulb. The smaller, inboard rocker selects high or low power from a Superflux red night-vision LED (about 0.1 amp).

As you probably know, Alpenglow has a website at



Quoting Bil,

“As with most of the recent BCC28s, Zygote has a 8?” x 5?" x 2" Alpenglow fitting in the galley."

Likewise Itchen, we have three of them. These are terrific lights, tough and compact, and the high and low settings for both the white fluorescent and red LEDs are just about right. At “high” they are bright enough to be useful and at “low” the red ones throw enough light for the off-watch crew to move around, without blinding the helmsman. And they draw less current than any other lights on the boat.

Ahoy Terrier, are you the owner-finished BCC, I saw in Port Townsend, WA in September 1996 ? A mighty fine boat if you are !

I too agree with Itchen and Zygote and wouldn’t swap my 5 Alpenglow units, for anything.

One problem I encountered was that the flourescent lights made electric static on my SSB in receive mode. I use incandecent lights when the SSB is in use now.

I have one that the rocker switch needed replacing, and one that the balast went bad, in the last 10 years of use.

The light tubes seem easy to find in speciality lamp shops, even here in Asia, but a couple of my replacements were not exactly the same, would only work on high power.

Say Hi to Pete Langly for me , Douglas , S/V Calliste

Thanks all for your help. I ordered one light that I’ll install and check on how it fits and likely add some more. Doug, “Terrier” was built by Mike Logg and friends and Mike lived on her for seventeen years before reluctantly parting with her. Pete is well with his ever expanding foundry work (Port Townsend Foundry) and always finds time to answer questions on anything as well as giving tours of the foundry in addition to his innovative work in bronze. Cheers,

Tom, S/V Terrier