Anchor retension

Hey. I don’t have a windlass and currently am running a shackle to my chain with a line around the bits to keep it tensioned. It’s a bit awkward and sometimes interferes taking off the docklines. Does anyone have a more elegant solution?

I use a simple anchor hook attached by a short line around my Sampson post to a small cleat on my bowsprite. I have a Rocna anchor that lives on my bob stay. When I get close to an anchorage I loosen the line about 2 inches, when I’m ready to drop the hook I can pull the anchor chain tight, un-hook the chain hook and let her go, the whole process is easy and takes about 2 seconds. When I purchased the boat she had 200’ of 5/16 chain and a beautiful bronze windlass, about 300’ total on the bow, way too much for my little girl.

Thats a good idea. Another FC captain told me about a cleat on the sprit too. Its seems pretty simple. Thanks.