Another new owner......

After lusting after the BCC for some twenty years, and chasing down a hull for two, I’m proud to announce the acquisition of BCC #13 - “My Way”. She comes with an interesting story, as, it seems, do all BCC’s: part of the romance of the vessel. She was sold as a hull/deck kit in 1976: one of the first year’s output from Sam L. Morse Co: done so to generate initial cash flow for the Company. An ambitious East Coast owner thought he could finisher her himself, and after many years, gave up, and sold the hull and what little has been finished, to George Fralic, of Dandridge, Tennessee. Apparently, George had her finished by a shipwright in Morehead City, NC., and BCC “My Way” was finally splashed, for the first time, in 2002. George sailed her up to Nova Scotia, his ancestral home, but age and mobility has forced him to hang up his belaying pins. My Way is very clean and lightly used. Her interior, while certainly not to SLM standards, is better finished than some of the “owner-finished” versions. I hope to improve the interior and bring her up to SLM standards, over time. I’m thrilled to join the small but tight fraternity of BCC owners, and the forum. For a while, My Way can probably still be seen on, for anyone interested.

Gregory Phipps
BCC #13: “My Way”

Home port: Chester, Nova Scotia

The database has been updated.

Welcome to the BCC owners group. Great to know another boat is in good hands.
BCC Odyssey

Welcome Gregory!
Wishing you as much fun an satisfaction as we all having with our beautiful, trustworthy and capable boats.

So glad to see another BCC up in Canada, I’m on the Rock Gregory but you just never know when I might appear for an inspection. If you have as much fun as I have had you are in for a treat. Fair winds and following seas… Stewart

Thank you Wayne. You and Waynster Productions have kept me entertained and inspired my pursuit of a BCC for years now.


Thank you Stewart. Your BCC might be the most finely fitted and beautiful version to be seen in the 'net. Your build has inspired my many restoration/rebuild plans. Look me up if you’re in Nova Scotia next.