Anti-fouling paint

Does anyone on this forum have any experience with Coppercoat? The manufacturer claims that it is effective for ten years. Sounds too good to be true, but the website ( is convincing.


Can’t claim any direct experience with it but I’ve been watching for news for about 2 years now and have seen good anecdotal reports in several blogs during that time. I have seen reports of less than satisfied users but it seemed to be application, not efficacy that was the problem. They stated the stuff was coming off in “small sections” or it was “lifting”. My overall take was that it was worth a try, the cost isn’t that much more than good traditional antifoul so if it fails… I’m planning on using it but can’t say yet when that will happen. Cheers, Ray

Check out this blog.

After reading the attachment provided by seacap, I asked one of the marine shops at the yard where I usually haul out whether they had any experience with Coppercoat. Their response: it doesn’t work. They sanded it off a 65’ sailboat that had had it applied. Their recommendation is Jotun, which for one of their customers has provided protection for 7 years.


I think it depends entirely on local water conditions. I bought Adventure in San Francisco with an existing coating of Z-Spar by Petit. It contains cuprous oxide and has been exceptionally good since 2009 in these tropical waters.
The guys who dive on the boats weekly in the marina to clean them asked me to tell everyone to use it!

This months issue of Practical Sailor has a very good artical titled “Best Bottom Paints 2013” that may answer some of your questions regarding copper bottom paint. Both Copper Pro SCX 67 Hard & Copper Pro SCX 67 Ablative made by Blue Water received recommended buy ratings by Practical Sailor.In addition, I see that Copper Shield SCX 45 Ablative manufactured by Blue Water also has a recommend buy rating after 11 months of testing in Sarasota Bay, Fla. I haven’t had time to read the article in its entirety but it appears to cover aa very wide. Range of bottom paints and manufacturers

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The October issue of Practical Sailor has an articaltitled “Best Bottom Paints 2013” that may answer some of your concerns regarding copper based bottom paints. I haven’t had time to read the article in its entirety but it appears to cover a very wide range of bottom paints and manufacturers.

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Yes , it seems every area is different . If you are talking about that copper loaded epoxy , as an antifoul , my observation and talking to owners , in Keppel Marina , Singapore , that mostly berth , their boats , not used much , experience a slime adhering first then some sort of green alge growing on that , then the barnicles start little at first then grow up . Really no improvement on ablative copper anti-foul .

Bil of BCC Zygote , he also berthed his boat, in this area of 80 degree sea water , has tried many ways to retard bio growth . For our props we both tried applying a layer of Beechems Water Proof grease to our props , my results doing this was disappointing . I wasn’t using my boat much , but in time I discovered a lime scale adhering over the beechams grease . In the end , scraping off the scale was easier with that grease applied , than without the grease ,but it still occurred .

I also tried the local remedy of putting a black plastic garbage over the prop and spurs , even after the application of Beechems Grease , but the same lime scale on the prop persisted , Ouch !!!

I think Bil and I do not use the additive of TEL or tetro ethyl lead ( ??? ) , added to our anti foul paints , because we both do our own diving to clean our boat bottoms , and are v aware of that additive’s disasterious effects in our marine, environment.

Ok , so I may have some of the terms wrong , this is our experience !

on my third year of micron 66. still holding fine. my boat is located in central florida. i used prop speed for my prop. it’s on its second year. so far so good.

Down here in growaLot land (caribbean) I use Jotun Sea Queen. 150/gal. On my 3rd year and it is wearing out. Very soft paint. Never any barnacles, although if not sailed gets a heavy slim that is easy to knock off.
Will use it again.

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