Any spare Sterling Polyurethane Topcoat?

Yeah Rod, I’ve used the heat gun method before – it’s great! For some reason, that method didn’t make it’s way onto my mental radar screen this time… must need a new radar unit.

Now that your bulworks are about ready for the epoxy, and speaking of heat guns, here’s a trick I heard of that is used by the professional shipwrites in BC. Before applying that first coat of epoxy sealer to bare wood, they warm the wood with a heat gun. They keep the epoxy cool in an outer container of ice water. As the wood cools, it sucks the epoxy in to the pores of the wood!

I’ve tried the reverse of this: the sun heats the dark red mahogany and the wet epoxy, and the epoxy starts going off, adding some more heat. Then the air in the pores of the wood heats up, and blows little bubbles, which may or may not pop before hardening! Damn, sandpaper time again!

I like that idea Dan… pretty cool.

Yeah, now that I’m ready to go (just about) - I’m leaving for 3 weeks! On top of that, the boat yard is beginning their spring prep on all the little wooden boats around me. So I’ll be awash in bottom paint dust starting Monday. My situation is looking grim all of a sudden! I’ll probably end up recovering the boat while I’m gone… hopefully with at least a coat of epoxy sealer on the bulwarks.

A random update: I’m placing bets on “Moon Dust”, both an Awlgrip and a Sterling color, as being the closest matching LPU color I’ll find.

Just an update…

Awlgrip is what I’m leaning towards. I can get a gallon kit of Primer/Catalyst and Top Coat/Catalyst for about $420, the same price as JUST the Sterling top coat/catalyst.

I quadruple checked the color chart… Awlgrip sends a nice chart with a hole in the middle of the swatch to make matching the color alot easier… CREAM is where it’s at… not Moon Dust.

I’ve laid a coat of CPES on my bulwarks and now Elizabeth is under cover again as I’ll be away with Dad for 2 weeks getting him settled into assisted living. When I return I plan to lay another coat of regular, unthinned epoxy, then 3 coats Awlgrip 545, followed by 3 coats of Cream.

plans… oi vey.