Any spare Sterling Polyurethane Topcoat?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has any surplus Sterling Primer and Sterling
Polyurethane Topcoat they like to sell. The Topcoat would be a “BCC Beige”
color. The Primer would be white. Here are the product numbers:

Primer: 94U-1000 Low VOC, or U-1000
Topcoat: U-4851 B.C.C. BEIGE

I’ve already got 2 quarts of the topcoat, and I’d be interested in 2
more quarts of the topcoats and 2 quarts of the primer.

Thanks very much,
Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed


I ordered some Sterling, but was never able to get BCC Beige. I ordered a Cloud White top coat, which to me looks too light. I’m curious about your Sterling usage and results etc. Email me, I might have some primer available.


Hi Ben,

The BCC Beige is an exact match with the ivory hull color. I got the last of a
batch made by the company. I bought it about 7-8 years ago and its still good.
Currently, just my coverboards are painted, but I’m going paint the inside of
the bulwarks as well as the caprail. Results are excellent.
Coverboards are still in mint condition and I think this stuff is really good.
I’m pretty sure Roger uses it on his BCC, since he recommended Sterling
finishes to me.

For all who are reading this thread, if enough people express interest, I’d be
willing to contact Sterling and get pricing, quantity, and so on for another
batch of BCC Beige. I’m sure they’d need a sizable order, far more than I could
afford or use, in order to make it worth their while. I am thinking about
repainting my mast also. I’ve used it as touch up, and it works very well
here also.

Anyone interested?

Mark Gearhart

Mark et al.

Id be DEFINTELY interested in trying to get a batch of BCC Ivory/Beige. I planned to return my Cloud White, and look for a darker color, or else add some yellow to what I have and try to match it myself… but the real deal would be much better. I plan to paint bulwarks/covering board with it. I did 1/2 my sprit with it so far, which is why I know the color doesn’t match that well. I could probably buy a gallon of the topcoat I’d bet.

Let’s see if there’s any interest…

Hi Mark, Sorry I did not respond to your email earlier but I have been busy and I have also been looking for a similar paint here in Panama. The Sterling BCC paint was made for the SLM by Detco in Newport Beach. They should have the mixture on file. I found an LP paint that is a perfect match to this paint at Glidden. It is called Parchment. The problem is that, here in Panama, they do not have a slow cure brushing thinners like Sterling does. I have managed to get good results but it takes about 3 coat to get the quality I require. If you want any more information, let me know…good luck


Well, If we can get them to mix up a batch, lets try it. Maybe between the three of us (Roger, if you want some, Ben and Mark) that would be enough to get them to make some. That is, if they still have the mixture. I’m not holding my breath. When I called them this spring, they had no idea what the BCC Ivory was, and told me the available colors are in the swatch booklet.

Any one else call them recently to inquire? Is CGC using Sterling?

How many gallons might we be able to order?

Hi Roger. I’ll have to check out the Glidden paint. I’m leaning away from Sterling
now due to cost, so I spent some quality time comparing my last batch of Sterling
to Interlux and Pettit LP paints. Pettit Easypoxy sandstone is a really good
match as well. Interlux didn’t come close on any color, so it looks like I’ll
be going with either Glidden or Pettit Easypoxy.



I was also looking at the Easypoxy. I worked briefly on a schooner this summer in Maine that used Easypoxy, and was VERY impressed with its durability. The paint, even after a HARD summer season of use, looked like they had just painted it. Good shine, and durability. It certainly will be easier to apply then the 2 part Sterling. I have alot of Sterling product here, which I can return, but am curious to try to get a good match, and get the technique right - as I’m sure it is a good product, but the appeal of Easypoxy is growing on me.

Let me know what you decide to do. Will you be painting this fall?


Hi Ben -

Just got back from Home Depot where I took a look at the Glidden Floor and Deck
paint. Its polyeurethane, its high gloss, and I found some recommendations on
some of the other forums. I’ll have to give this some consideration. I’m not
painting until next Spring, since Godspeed is covered now and its getting
cold in Virginia.

Right now I’m undecided, but whichever paint you choose, I’d be interested to
hear about your results. Glidden is very appealing, since I’ll probably need at
least a gallon or more.


I am thinking about “doing” my decks. They have a few spots where the gel coat has worn thru (black spots) and a some spider cracks. Would like any advice and suggestions as to restoration of decks. What color can you suggest? Would the Sterline Poly be correct?

Found this post regarding Glidden on

"I?m really happy with the Glidden floor & porch paint tests. I found the spec sheet on the paint at, it even says it?s for boat decks. If you?re interested check it out here:

At 17 bucks a gallon it sure is a good cost effective way of cleaning up your boat. They also sell a non-skid additive powder (shark grip) for about $5.00."

Check out Blue Water Paints for a two part urethane paint.


Any further developments in your painting project here? I’m still planning to go Sterling, since I’m already invested in it… trying to decide which color to order for top coat.

Try Epifanes. They have a shade that is close to perfect. I think it is cream.

Hi Ben,

The odds favor Pettit Easypoxy sandstone as soon as the weather is warmer
and I can get away for some boat work. I’m also considering this for the mast
and boom, which have chipped and faded over the years.

Wow! John Churchill. I haven’t seen you around in a while. I sure would like
to follow in your footsteps some day and do a solo trans-atlantic crossing to
northern Europe. Nice to hear from you. I’ll check out Epifanes as well.

Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed


I was wondering if you had done a test patch of the Sandstone to see how close it came. I’m planning on going with Easypoxy as well. Are you going to bare wood, or just topcoating? How much paint did you plan to order?

Drop me an email, I’d love to discuss offline:

John, just wondering if you have you tried this color yourself? On the color charts it comes up very differently than my other two top-color-choice contenders…

I need to get some real paint samples and test them myself, I know, I know…


john churchill Wrote:

Try Epifanes. They have a shade that is close to
perfect. I think it is cream.


Yes, I did a test patch of Pettit Easypoxy sandstone last fall. It matched the
Ivory hull and also matched the Sterling BCC Ivory which I had previously
applied to the coverboards.

I buffed and waxed my hull first, to get a good start. I’ve scraped off all
the varnish from my bulwarks and coverboards and applied 3 coats of epoxy
followed by one coat of white undercoat.

I was thinking 1 gallon for the job, hopefully enough for 2-3 coats. I haven’t
done the topcoat yet, but don’t expect any problems.

Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed

Mark – great thanks for the heads up. Big job scraping these bulwarks, I can’t believe how long it’s taking me! In the home stretch now though…


The fastest way to remove old paint is a heat gun and a pull scraper. You can scrape the bulwarks in less than two days using a heat gun. If you have never done this, apply heat until the paint/varnish just starts to bubble then scrape the paint while heating the paint ahead of the scraper.