Astra III B Sextant For Sale

I realized we don’t have a classifieds section. Not sure if this is for a reason, or not. Let me know if this post is out of line.

I have a Celestaire Astra III B sextant for sale in a nice wood box. It’s never been used. They sell for about $575 new, looking to get $450. If anyone’s interested let me know.

Hey Ben,
We’ve e-mailed before about your Nor’Sea. Glad to see everythings working out with the BCC. I’m envious. I’m on your same path. I just bought a neglected Pacific Seacraft 25 to refit and liveaboard until I can find or build A BCC or Falmouth Cutter. It’s in bad shape, I gutted the main salon interior and all exterior woodwork, needs complete rebuilding. Hopfully I’ll be done by Oct. It was a steal though, and a hell of an education so far. I’m interesed in the sextant, but wasn’t planning on buying one just yet, I’ll try to give you a call about it. If you see any more BCC in need of work with a price reflecting it let me know.
Brandon Snider

Just a heads up for all, this sextant has been sold. thanks!