Attaching solar panels

I am thinking of using some solid si bronze rod to support a couple of solar panels. I would attach aft at the boom gallows support, and forward at the stanchion. I wondered about the best way to attach. Thought it might be best to drill the rod, and attach a “U” bracket to end of rod, the bracket could then slip over the “I” bolt at the boom gallows (as it lies at in line with the rod) And be bolted there. At the stanchion end an eye bolt could simply be passed thru the “I” top of the stanchions, tightened and then the end could be used for the life line.

I can get the rod (7/8ths at Jamestown) but looking for a source for the bracket and “I” bolt. Any suggestions/advice.

One other thing is to use the side of the boom gallows as support for an outboard bracket. Attachment is also an issue and again to try and avoid dissimilar metals.

Stew – do you want to use Bronze for sure? I would think they would bend, unless very large, which would be very heavy too. Maybe SS tube is a better option?