Avei’a #79 for sale

Avei’a is a project-she needs a rig, painting and water tanks. Her interior is stunning, her yanmar has recently been gone through and is smooth and quiet. Top quality electrics-no electronics. She is on a 15,000# triple axle trailer and is stored 2 hours north of Seattle. She has no leaks. All hardware (chainplates windlass stanchions cranse iron etc) is bronze, all exterior wood is teak. Sayes Rig self steering. Nice pic of her at anchor in the South Pacific in Ferenc Mates “Best Boats to Build or Buy”-her builder took her to New Zealand in the 80’s. She is ready to be transported to your shop and receive the love she deserves. $45k

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Hello, would you mind sending any pictures to hiepmdinh@gmail.com?

Unfortunately I just drove out of Seattle and making my way back to the East coast for the summer, otherwise I would’ve driven up to take a look in person. Not entirely sure if I’d keep it in WA or ship it back East, but either way, I’m interested!

Let me know that you’ve received this, and the pictures as well.