Awlgrip paint

Our original gelcoat was still in fair shape in '93 when I decided to paint Waxwing from a light grey to a medium grey.(Kind of like that color). I was working at Caneel Bay shipyard on St. John in the Virgin Islands at the time and so had access to matterials and and quipment.
We also painted Hinckleys there (our charter fleet) so I used Awl-Grip, the same we used on the Hinckleys. I spray painted it and it was beautiful (had the Caribbean pro watching over my shoulder).
The paint has held up excellent, but we are now considering another paint job the next time we haul out…a different color. But now we’re in the states and haven’t got a yard available so we will paint it (Awl-Grip) by hand…the roller and tip method. I’ve not used this system myself but have seen it done with just excellent results.
One thing about Awl-Grip is that it is a poly urthane two-part paint and you MUST use only there products with the paint. That includes thinners, accellerators(if you use them) etc. There products are expensive but don’t be tempted to use acetone where it calls for MEK or other products. It is a “complete painting system”. And the paint is expensive. Also note that there is a different converter for brushing than for spraying.
I know there are other poly urethane paints out there, and some people have even had good luck with single part poly urethane but I will go with the Awl-Grip.
U.S. Paints that makes AwlGrip has a helpful web site at:
including hints for brushing. A lot of people are using this system to do their own boats now and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in your area is going to be painting their boat soon with spring approaching. I’d check out the boatyards in your area and see if you can watch someone else try it.