Bare Teak

I’m getting lazy about varnishing teak and was wondering how the boat would look either all or partially bare. Does anyone have photos?

Any alternative ideas would be appreciated.


S/V Susie Q

It is a chore to keep up the teak. I’ve seen a few BCC’s partially varnished and it does look quite shippy rather than letting it all go gray which to my eye looks plain neglected. I guess it is a matter of choice as to how much area you want to varnish on your boat. What I have seen is the boarders of hatches, turtles and companionway hatches all varnished and the infields of them weathered gray. On bulwarks the boarders varnished and the infields weathered or painted. Kate And Bernie had a BCC for sale one time that had the hatch infields weathered and the boarders varnished. The nice thing about weathered hatchtops is that you have a good nonskid surface when wet. As with any type of wood if left untreated over a period of time it will eventually degrade and it will have to be replaced. Good luck with whatever you do.
Jolie Brise

Thanks Bob. I think I was just lazy and in a bad mood this morning. I’m going to start varnishing this weekend.