Barient winch repair / Bow Sprit

Several months ago I posted an inquiry concerning acquiring parts for my Barient #10 winches.
I received an email reply form a gentleman in Canada or British Columbia who will manufacture (machine) replacement parts for winches.
Unfortunately since that time I have replaced my computer and in the process lost most of my old email folders, including the one with his name and email address.
Does anyone out there know who this gentleman is and how to contact him? I am now ready to send him the winch that I need repaired.

I also have a used bowsprit for a BCC if anyone is interested. I ordered a new one because of some dry rot in both sides of the sprit where the bow pulpit base plates are screwed to the sprit. The rot is about 3 inches long by 2 inches high on both sides of the sprit. It could be repaired using vertical grain Douglas Fir and still be very functional.
I talked to Roger Olson about it and he felt the repair could be made and if stainless steel plates were placed over the repairs the original strength could be achieved. I however decided to have a new sprit built.
I can send digital pictures of the sprit if anyone is interested.
By the way, a new one will run you about $1000.

Steve Osborne or