BCC # 65

Curious if anyone in the forum knows the whereabouts of BCC hull # 65 which I think is a 1985 boat(fisished in 85) This was an owner finished boat.
Thanks in advance
Mark Giegel

This might be Scallywag, finished in Santa Barbara by Robert Michel. Tim Pearia bought it and lived (lives?) in Hawaii. I could be wrong about the hull number but I think that’s it.

Hi all- glad the forum is back.
I have BCC 65 Star Rover for the last 14 years; (formerly Bucephalus, and then Devon)- my wife Heidi and I keep her in Anacortes, WA; was owner finished to factory specs, hard to tell the difference from factory finished boat!

Hope you all are well!
Rich Angel
(Heidi, Natalie 11 yo, Emily 9 yo)


Welcome to the forum! (and I love hearing from others who have had their boats a long time.)

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Thanks Nica- hopefully I can be more involved w the forum. Take care- Rich Angel

Yep I was wrong about the hull number. Scallywag is hull #61.