BCC 93

Peeked under a canvas shed at a boat shop where I winter my FC in Toms River, NJ, and saw SLBCC093 on stanchions for some restoration work, with the name, “Lightfoot” and a NYC port of call on her stern.

Not in Kansas anymore, or in Switzerland either as Database indicated!

The vessel “Lightfoot” was owned by Mark Giegel, a frequent contributor to these pages. She does not appear in the database.

The vessel “Marta”, based in Switzerland was added from information provided by the owner.


The new owner who purchased “Marta” has gone back to the name I gave her which is “Lightfoot” I believe he keeps her in Liberty Landing, NJ

SV “Grey Seal”

Thanks, Mark.

A couple of photos.

Dennis, I keep walking by your fc everytime I come down to see Lightfoot
We purchased her from a swiss gentleman two years ago and have been keeping her up at Liberty State Park on the lower Hudson River
Brought her down to Derouville to have the teak redone and store her indoors while I do work on the house.
I usually am down to the boat on sundays and would love to meet if possible
And to tie things together I owned Jolly Dolphin which I am sure you remember when I was down on Cedar Creek
Russ Andrews

Jolly Dolphin has a new home and am so excited and just content that she now has someone who will take care of her and actually sail her
Russ Andrews

Good to hear from you, Russ.

Dayton at de Rouville’s “thought” Lightfoot was yours, but wasn’t certain. Well kept boat and I remember your saying that sailing the BCC was like driving a train, plows through everything.

Sure, Sunday afternoons are usually free and clear, but do you have a specific set of dates in mind? Not sure how/if the “Private Messages” function works on this site, but lets slowly triangulate.


Plows isn’t a word that comes to mind sailing light foot
Powers through might describe things better
Again,I am down at the most Sunday’s and look forward to meeting