BCC A Rose Among Thorns

Dear All,

Sumio wishes to express his gratitude and happiness at having Indigo in the show and for all the BCC owners and friends who helped. Also for the hundreds of people who did come and see Indigo, Sam L. Morse, and RogueWave Yacht Sales at the Annapolis Boat Show.

When we left the show, we motored out past the Marriott and there were hundreds of people giving us a big cheer. (Maybe they had too many pain killers, the traditional refreshment of the boatshow.) But really, I think deserved the big cheer she got.

So many people came and said she was the prettiest boat or the best boat or the only “real” boat in the show. We are so glad to introduce so many people to the idea that there are choices. You can have a real boat, many of which are just good old classics if you can’t afford a BCC, or you can have a very plastic boat. I think we educated a lot of people who did not even realize their is a difference.

Oh, and all the people that had lusted over the Mate books for decades got to see a real BCC! And meet Sumio, and talk to the owners.

It was a great day for all of us who own them and for those who will join us elite BCC owners in the future.

Thank You!
Kate and Bernie
410 571-2955