BCC blogs?

Anybody keepin’ a blog out there about their BCC, voyages, projects etc?

I found Rick Peterson’s…

Who else? (besides me, of course)


We have just created a pag for logs at http://www.marinersblogs.com.


Log pages together with latest fix update (and image upload where Internet Connection exists)

Ability to personalize your log pages

Ability to update logs and position via SSB e-mail or satellite phone

Create and save routes to show on chart page (Via Google Earth)

Update tracks to show on chart page (either as continuous or intermittent, depending on nature of voyage)

LAT/LON converter to change DD.MM.SS to decimal (i.e. chartplotter output)

Distance between waypoints and Course to Steer calculator

Plain text e-mail outgoing and incoming messaging system designed to interface with SSB mail systems


Thats awesome, I had missed this I guess… Fantastic Pics, great looking blog, good stuff… I’m gunna take a deeper look tonite.

(PS - why did yer reply start a new thread? I mover yer reply to this thread, where it should be)

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Posted by: Ron Thompson (IP Logged)
Date: April 7, 2008 02:25PM

The blog about my cruise from Hawaii to French Polynesia and back to Hawaii
last year is [hookahiko.blogspot.com]
Ron Thompson
S/V Ho’okahiko #97

Ron, my new inspirational pic… LOVE IT

That was taken near the Bora Bora Yacht Club just before my return to
Hawaii. It is a good anchorage with some shelter from the wind and
reasonable access to town.
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You may enjoy these two videos taken aboard a Dana. Several of the shots are taken from a kite.




Excellent! Thankas for sharing. This is something I want to definitely rig up this year… Have you tried it ever? Is everyone here familiar with Yves Gelinas’ movie, ‘Jean Du Sud’? If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.


I have watched Yves video ‘n’ number of times and each time, I have enjoyed it immensely. Based on several phrases you used in your videos, I knew you had seen Yves’s film. Yes, I would recommend it.

We purchased one of Yves’ first windvanes for African Moon in 1995 and always chat will him at the Annapolis boatshow. He is an extraordinary individual.

We have not attempted a video capture from a kite. You can send Chumann an e-mail and ask him how he did it.

I am wondering if he did not use a wireless webcam. That would simplify matters.

On another note:

We just ordered two LED lamps from www.svhotwire.com for our tricolor/anchor light. Now, instead of using 20 amps in 10 hours, we will only use 2 amps/10 hours. If you have an Aquasignal series 40 tricolor/anchor light, the unit is Coast Guard approved with the LED lamps and meets COLREG specs. We have a Hella unit, hence the unit is not CG approved but will meet COLREG specs with the LED’s installed. As long as a vessel’s navigational lighting meets COLREG specs the lights are legal.



Those kite pics are wicked cool, thanks for posting them,

I contacted Chris Chumann about the his video’s taken from a kite. He sent me the following e-mail (published with permission from Chumann) - see below.

Chris is awesome and is quite the seaman.

Fair Winds,


"Ahoy Rod,

Thanks for the kind note. The BCC is one of my most favorite boats as she has the most beautiful lines and functional layout I’ve seen. I did complete the the Transpac in '06 and am aiming to have a go again this summer.

If the following doesn’t answer your questions regarding the kite cam setup, I’d be happy to reply to more questions.

You’ll find a lot of good info on Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) at these sites:

The key element is the picavet suspenion cross that is easy to make out of bass wood, aluminum etc… The above sites cover this in good detail. You can buy then pre-made from Brooxes site. Good micro-blocks are important for keeping the picavet stable.

The camera is mounted on an alluminum frame that attaches to the bottom of the picavet which in turn is suspended from the kite line about 30 feet down-line from the kite. The above web sites have good photographs of this.

The kite is a single-line, 12’ Delta flown on 200lb test line (it’s wider than the beam of my boat!). I wear sailing gloves and have a knife ready at all times in the event the kite goes into the drink and turns into a sea anchor (he 200lb test line wrapped around a finger or ankle could be unpleasant).

The camera is a small Sony Digital Video “handycam.” I roll the dice and don’t use a water proof housing. I’ve had some close calls, but so far have kept the camera out of Davey Jones locker. I don’t use any remote control ( R/C) gadgetry, like the still KAP’rs use, to aim and control the lens pitch and azimuth. Rather, I have a wide angle lens on the camera that I just eye-ball before launching and hope for the best.

That’s about the best I can describe my setup. There’s a lot of good info on the web although not much on video KAP. Good luck with your own efforts.

Fair winds.
Berkeley, CA"


Nice work on contacting him - great stuff… 12’ wide! Intense. I got alot of work ahead of me on the new boat just to get her sailing before I get to any KAP, but I’m defintely going to make this happen. Keep ya posted!

Also interesting about the TransPac… never thought about stuff like that, but might be fun. Anyone ever enter ocean races like that on their BCC?