BCC Bronze deck parts

I am looking to replace most of my deck hardware with bronze parts. Stanchion and boom gallow bases, chain plates, and bow sprit saddle and anchor rollers.
Used parts would be my first choice.
I talked with Port Townsend Foundry, but their delivery time is very long. Is there any other foundry where I can buy it from?
Thank you,


Port Townsend has all the the patterns from Sam Morse so if you want anything BCC specific, they are certainly the place and worth the wait, their quality is excellent.

I like to keep my eyes open for old Merriman items as the quality can be stunning.  If you can develop a relationship with a shop that trades in used parts, they will keep an eye out for you. Craigslist can be helpful too.  For example there is a listing for a Merriman bronze anchor roller set that is amazing in Seattle.  Toplicht in Germany can be a good, but expensive, resource.  They would have your boom gallows parts and may have the type of station bases you need.  I wouldn't recommend eBay so much, I listed a nice old heavy bronze deadlight hoping someone would need it, but it was snapped up by a dealer, buffed up and back on eBay for three times the price.

Hi Vixen,
Thank you for your help, it is good advices.
I will probably wait for Port Townsend Foundry to make the parts as it is so difficult to find Those stanchion bases.
Kind regards,