BCC in surf

We recently crossed the bar into Bahia del Sol, San Salvador which requires running through some sizable surf. We were a little concerned that the large transom hung rudder would prove difficult with large surf pushing from astern. In the event Mandy handled well and at no time felt unstable or overpowered. Further testament to a great design.

There is a slideshow here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSu4esGHR3Y

and further pictures and info is availble on our blog


Richard and Virginia Cross

Ahoy Richard , did you consider dragging a drogue from your boomkin ?

You must know that your piks make that swell look sooo flat, which, those of us in the know, know that it wasn’t !

It takes a heap of courage to drive your boat through waves like that, thinking that you needed some anxiety control, right after that crossing !!!

There is a perception that a broad-boyant stern is less capable of handling a following sea, but now you know as some of us already, know, that perception, has NO, merit .

Good on you Mate , for sharing your experience, with us , we all need imput like this .