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Always use multiple sources of information!
12/27/2008, San Blas, Nayarit, MX

(see attached image)

In navigation classes it was repeatedly stated … the chartplotter might fail, the chart might be wrong, you need to know how to pilot without electronic aids.
For those who may wish to disregard this advice the attached photo might bring chills. The chartplotter (Raymarine C70, using Navionics Gold charts) has the boat somewhere between the Plaza and the medical clinic in down town San Blas, when we were at the time crossing the bar at the entrance to the Estuario de Pozo.

Does anyone have a line on whether other charts are more accurate?

Sure glad we didn?t do this at night.


I’ve used CMAP through out Hawaii and the Society Islands of French Polynesia. They were always extremely accurate. I have reports that others found them to be excellent also even at very remote locations.

Ron Thompson

Ho’okahiko 97

A post from BCC Mandy:

Thanks for thinking of us. Other cruisers, including users of C Map
have told us that Mexico is particularly bad. We have C-Map and may
try it before too long, but for this part of the W. coast of Mexico we
are mostly piloting anyway, so no big problem.

Mandy is doing what other BCC owners all profess and looking after us.
As an old timer in England once told my cousin, in reference to his
old Colin Archer " She’ll starve you before she’ll drown you".

Thanks again,

Richard & Virginia

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