BCC Neophyte

Does anyone have suggested readings for gaining a better understanding of BCCs?

I’ve seen a limited number for sale, but at widely varing prices… what accounts for the differences (besides age)?

I would appreciate any advice or guidance. Thank you.

Tom Bishop
Sausalito, CA

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At the risk of stating the obvious…Pardey’s wrote some nice books on their own boats which are pretty similar. http://landlpardey.com/
But google ussually turns up alot of good reading on the design itself, not sure if you meant the Hess design, or the actual SLM/Canadian builds and variations, custom finishes etc.

I’m looking for a BCC as well, and found good info in this forum. This is the only forum i’ve found for BCC’s.
Where have you found BCC’s for sale?


 I agree that reading the Pardey books will give you a good feel for our boats (I'd still opt for a Yanmar over their oar/bath tub approach).  You also might want to chat with Bernie and Kate at Rogue Wave Yacht Sales.  I think there is a link to them on the Sam Morse site.  They have sold a number of used BCC's and are quite knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the boat. (They own 2)  I have found them to be nice folks and straight shooters. 

Good luck…after 4 years with mine, I wouldn’t have another boat.

                     Best regards.........T

I would recommend picking up a copy of “Best Boats to Build or Buy” by Ferenc Mate. “Xiphias” is on the cover, and it has a very favorable review of the BCC in it.

Blue Water Sailing magazine had a review back in 2000, that is available here:
http://www.boats.com/content/boat-articles.jsp?contentid=1383 (When I requested an info pack from SLM Co. a few years ago, I got a reprint of this article. It arrived on the same day as the back-issue I ordered for $8 from BWS.)

John Vigor’s book “Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere” has chapters on both the BCC and the FC. Incidentally, these are the same reviews that were published in Good Old Boat magazine, so no need to order back issues just to get these reviews.

Incidentally, if you’re interested in Falmouth Cutters, they have their own home page… that is very difficult to find.

Not being a boat owner, much less a BCC owner, I would hazard a guess that the difference in prices you see reflects two things: maintenance and equipment. A better-maintained boat is going to be worth more, and if an owner drops $10,000 into a new engine and another $10,000 into new electronics not too long before deciding to sell, he’s going to try to get some of that money back. Of the two, I would be more willing to pay a premium for a better maintained boat than for one with more gadgets. After all, the last owner might not have the same taste in gadgets I have. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.