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Latest Delta 2012 summer video plus a collection of oldies but goodies are at:

Great production! And your boat looks super. Thanks for the entertainment.

“Terrier” #31

Ahoy Wayne , During a breather from boat work , here in Singapore , I have been enjoying your Bccodyssey video productions .

Yes, I am quite familiar with S F Bay , many thanks to Ron Walton of FC Majita , and his lead with local knowledge, Majita under his captain-ship , way out-performed BCC Calliste, upon her arrival there in September, 1996 !

I also especially liked your visit with Roger in Panama , and of course your Baja cruise with Metaphora , such nice times to document , with your theme music and editing .

Mike Pearson has such a heap of BCC and Hess information , I can only hope that info is perserved as well, somewhere , that I don’t know ?

So , what has happened to Mike and Lisa ? or even Metaphora ?

It seems strange to me that there is v little info about George Hylkima , and his contribution to the Hess and BCC heritage , during our Channel Cutter ownership , maybe some one will sort that out . Mike Anderson , knows all !

Again , let me show my appreciation , for your video documention , of our beloved Hess Designs , as I heard it said once before , that Lyle has beautified our harbors with his creations , and I am one of the v few , of his patrons , as is , each of us , who are fortunate , to own one of his sailing boats !

Glad you enjoy the videos. I never tire of seeing a beautiful boat. Metophora is in Antacortes, WA. Mike sailed her there from Hawaii a number of years ago. Lisa teaches marine biology in Hilo. You are right about hanging on to the early history of the Sam Morse Co. Mike wrote a bit in an article in “This Old Boat” magazine a number of years ago. Maybe Roger and or George could do a post here. Nice to know others appreciate and get as much pleasure as I do from sailing and working on BCCs. I am just finishing a head rebuild. Believe it or not even the smell of fresh paint and a smoothly working Skipper Head has appeal.
Take care.

Ok , Gee Gosh , Wayne , v nice to hear of your head re-build and fresh paint ! That Skipper Head is a great choice and will provide many trouble free operations , " A jewel in the crown " so to speak !

A big T Y for the update on Metophora , Mike and Lisa ! I will look forward to searching the article in “This Old Boat”, magizine , for Mike’s thoughtfulness , in that article.

A true pleasure is watching your videos , as I always yearned for seeing our BCC’s under sail , not always possible as owner’s onboard and underway ! Would that mean a photo buddy boat, is desireable ?

Yes ! Of Course !

Wishing Much Love and Happiness , out your way , planning our return to WA , 2014