BCC on hard in South Gulf Cove, FL?

Mystery solved, though my poor judgment has forced my foot into my mouth (or in this case, onto my fingers). My apologies go to Ed for posting pictures of his boat without permission. I could say “But I didn’t know who the owner was, so it’s fine”, but that’s BS - shouldn’t have posted them. I am sorry for doing so!

Aaron N.

I suspect this is a CC boat. I don’t think Sam ever put a board across the top of the transom…although it, and some of the other wood details look like it may have been finished by the owner.

I wonder if anyone has acquired a list of all boats built by the different yards?

removed for my stupidty

Aaron N

I am very shocked to find pictures of my boat on the Forum. If I wanted to post pictures I would do it myself. I do not appreciate you going top-side without my permission. It leaves me with an uncomforable feeling, wondering if anything is missing, Because upon arriving yesterday the ladder was gone. And how do I know the timeline, the pictures of the bow deck do not show the paint that was scraped off later that afternoon.

Please do not board my boat or any other person’s boat with out their permission!

I would give you that same courtesy.


Aaron N:

You may not be familiar with boating’s unwritten code. Unless one is invited aboard, one does not board a boat without asking permission. Only if permission is granted, does one board another’s boat.

I suspect you were unaware of this courtesy. Perhaps an apology is forthcoming to Ed. Because the owner does not want these pictures posted, you should ask the forum moderator to remove the images.


Fair Winds,



I am sorry for posting the pictures without your permission. I can understand one not wanting his things publicised.

In my own defense, I did not board the boat. Indeed, I did take pictures of the topsides, but I borrowed a ladder from a man working on his boat a few spaces down to do so. “Don’t touch other peoples stuff” is a rule that applies to everything in my mind, especially boats, so I wouldn’t board without a very good reason (taking on water, etc…). Curiosity doesn’t count as a good reason.

I do apologize for posting pictures without consent. In hindesight, wanting to find the owner does not justify posting pictures of someone’s stuff.

Aaron Norlund

p.s. Your ladder was there when I was.