BCC Owners Association web page has moved

Hello All,

Time has come for me to punt AOL. They’re upping the their fee in
July and I’ve never particularly been happy with their service. This
has required me to relocate the BCC owners’ associtation page from my
AOL account to a free public host. The new location is:


Geocities was acquired by Yahoo some time ago, so it should be a
stable location. Unfortunately, there is some popup advertising, but
it’s not too annoying - this is the price of using a free host.

People attempting to use the old AOL URL will automatically be
redirected to the new site; that is until AOL get around to
completely killing my account.

This mail list and archive is NOT moving - it’s staying on Yahoo.
I’m happy with the service, it’s free, and it seems like a stable bet.


Owner/Moderator BCC mail list and owners web page