BCC plans

Hello all,

Having fallen in love with Lyle’s Bristol Channel cutters, I am setting out to build one. Can anyone steer me in the right direction for a set of plans?

I had a quick skim through the forum archives looking for answers but didn’t turn anything up. Trolling the web gave me:

Linda Hess Decoux, 5911 E. Spring st, No. 360, Long Beach, CA 90808

but I don’t know how current this is.

I am currently living in Brisbane, Australia and sail from RQYS, and would also greatly appreciate an opportunity to meet the owners of any BCC’s currently in south east Queensland.

Thanks in advance,


I saw this on the Woodenboat Forum. Hope it helps.

Lyle Hess’s Daughter, Linda DeCoux, is experiencing health problems.
This is the reason that her phone has been disconnected.
I talked with Lyle’s nephew, Mike Hess, this evening and got the straight story. For those who are interested in obtaining plans of Lyle’s boats, Mike has suggested that they contact him at:
He will be happy to help you with obtaining plans.
Fair Winds,
Jay Greer

BCC Odyssey

Thanks very much Jay. I had hoped some US sailors might be in direct contact with the right people.
See you on the water in about 3 years :wink:



We’re in Scarborough. Check for a private message.

Tom U.

Hi Dave there have been other sailors in your area who have built and launched Lyle Hess designed boats, so don’t pass up looking locally for some of them.


Thanks for the cutting Douglas.
I’ll be in contact with the school. Wild Honey is exactly what I have planned, a slightly stretched version of Taleisin (~40’).

I’m considering how sensible it would be to apply for a place at the school and quit my programming job.
Maybe a year in Tasmania would be very healthy and rewarding.


Hi again.

I have had zero luck in contacting any of Lyle’s family.
His (nephew?) Mike doesn’t seem to have received any of the emails I have sent him via his web site and I have had no luck in finding any contact details for him anywhere.

If anyone on the forum (perhaps former SLM company employees) knows how to get in touch with the current owner of Lyle’s plans I’d really appreciate being connected somehow.



Plans for the BCC and other Hess designes:
Dave, email me directly at xiphias37@yahoo.com

Roger Olson