BCC Restoration

Greetings to all! I have been following this forum for a while and thought this might be of intrest. I purchased hull number 51 in March for a project for my shop. We are now getting to the visable proggress stage, so I started a blog to post our headway. You can find it at www.charlotmarinebcc.blogspot.com


Brooks Dollar
Charlot Marine

Fantastic! you know I’ll be watching – seems like we have a few projects going on right now in the BCC world – at least you and Stewart, that I know of… and I think the other unfinished hull has sold recently, so hopefully we’ll be able to follow along with that project as well. Blogging is fantastic, so happy BCC owners are blogging about their projects, such a help to us all.

Thanks Brooks!

Ahoy Brooks, Thank You for including us with your blog site.

I am really overjoyed with what Ben of BCC Elizabeth, has shared with us on his blog and Picasa photos.

I know of no other collection of BCC photos, all in one place, as Ben has done and shares with us.

We look forward to reading of your progress , as L & L would say , You will have, “really got somthing, when you are through” !

Heaps of Luck and always have the “think chair” at the ready !

Douglas , S/V Calliste, 072