BCC sighting in NC

I spotted a BCC near marker “137” mile 288 on the ICW in Masonboro, NC. Looked like a BCC, but then I noticed one spreader only. But looked too large to be a Falmouth Cutter… perhaps a 26’? Had the green stripe and wood bulwarks like the SLM BCC’s. She was tied in a slip, and I quickly passed her by, didnt get a name.

Anyways… always exciting to spot a BCC.

Which reminds me there is another BCC a few days behind me in NC making the trip south. She is ‘Ma Muse’ from Quebec. I hope he and I meet up here along the way…


Perhaps it was a Shannon 28.


Yes, I’ve passed by that boat a couple times over the last 15 years.

When I met up with the late AO Halsey in Charleston, he said it was the same
model as his 26 ft Cutter “Polaris Jack”. These boats were built by a local
NC builder who lives near Masonboro Inlet.

Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed

You saw Emily. Built at Russell Yachts in Morehead City. 26’LOD

Ok thanks for the ID on that vessel.

Off subject…Mark, do you still have 2 qts of Sterling top coat?

I’m anchored in Charleston, for an undetermined amount of time… and I’m just itching to get back to painting and varnishing :slight_smile:

Hi Ben,

Yes, I still have the 2 qts of Sterling top coat. I also have the catalyst and
that special adder for cold weather application. The stuff is in my garage, so
its been climate-controlled.

I can’t remember how much I paid, but I can look for the receipt.

Make me an offer, and I can mail them to you. My email is mrgearha@yahoo.com

s/v Godspeed