BCC Terrier

Does anyone have any insight to the construction details on Terrier?
It is a beautifully owner finished from bare hull… but how does it compare with factory finished for sea worthiness? Thank for any help.

Owner finished boats range from the truly outstanding to the dismal, in terms of construction with respect to structurally soundness and esthetics.

Our BCC, IDUNA, was owner finished by Peter Thinnus in Ontario, Canada. He did an outstanding job. This is one of the reasons we purchased her. On the flip-side, we viewed another owner finished BCC. The quality of work was?such that?the?broker was embarrassed when we were aboard.

If you are considering purchasing Terrier, my recommendation is to?employ a surveyor who has a good reputation, ?knows sailboats and has been in business for several years. A good survey will probably cost $14 to $18 per foot based on?length on deck. This is money well spent. We looked at a boat prior to considering IDUNA and had it surveyed. I stopped the survey, paid my $400 and walked away. The surveyor saved?us a pile of money and many headaches. You need to make that choice. Based on the photo’s posted, the boat appears to be well constructed and maintained but these?images?may not be recent photo’s nor can they tell “the rest of the story.”?
I have studied the photo’s at the broker’s site but will not offer my comments, pro or con, in all fairness to the broker and the seller. If you are seriously considering the boat, do your research on the boat - who built her, how many owners, last haul-out, engine hours, how old are the sails, etc. In the end the boat most stand on her own merit?and you are the only who can decide if she is the boat for you.

I guess I’ll kick in my $0.02 here. It’s odd that I never met Mike Logg. I know TERRIER a little bit. She’s based in Port Townsend; I last laid eyes (and camera, by chance) on her on August 8 of this past summer. I also had an odd experience recently, perusing the Sam L Morse database and noticing that Mike has, according to the db, passed away. The boat, also according to?the db, was on a mooring in San Diego. The copy I have of Sumio’s db is dated January 03. I don’t?mean to put Sumio on the spot here, it’s just another example of how a database can be confusing. ?
I must say, TERRIER looks fine. She is a little unusual, but her configuration should in no way would affect her seaworthiness. At least that is what I see from the exterior. She appears to be well built and heavily constructed. I’ve never been down below. She was obviously owner built, judging from?the deck/ house structure- a hull only vessel, immediately after MINX. As long?as that deck?is sound, and I have every reason to expect it to be, she should be an excellent candidate for purchase. I’d say she’s one of the better examples of owner built construction. She embodies her builder’s concepts of?how a BCC should look, so she isn’t?‘standard’, but?anyone would be proud to own what I see from the outside.??
Roy Myers???