BCC Vega, Portland, OR

Vega (home port Portland OR) is a Cape George Marine Works boat that I found tied up at Boat Haven, Port Townsend, WA.

This article describes CGMW’s first BCC and Vega is their #2. I guess it’s to be expected that BCCs are considered to be “cult boats” by some?? http://www.ptleader.com/news/business/cape-george-marine-works-preps-sailboat/article_b8e73360-3289-11e6-b139-03d099263781.html

The owner wasn’t around so I was unable to look at the interior or ask questions.

The exterior woodwork were done to a very high professional standard. The rudder cheeks, boomkin,taffrail, tiller, bowsprit and eyebrow are all finished bright. The skylight and fore hatch were covered so are perhaps also bright? The companion way hatch and its turtle are painted and may be made of FG. The bulwarks are painted off-white on the inner side and black on outer side. The topsides are a very dark blue. The chain plates, bowsprit and boomkin hardware,etc. were all bronze.

It’s a gorgeous BCC! Hopefully we’ll see it out cruising in BC, Canada this summer. I’ll try and post some photos from my phone. We’re in Nanaimo, on our way to Desolation Sound for the summer and won’t have much wifi or data.
Dan Shaula

Wonderful, Dan!

Thanks v much for the news and the link to ptleader.com.

Great news to hear that more BCCs are being built.

Dan, you’ve got a great stretch of fantastic weather ahead - enjoy!


Yes, summer is here, with a vengeance! We had 85F inside the boat at the Nanaimo anchorage! Made it to Pender Hbr. Almost there!

I’m having trouble reducing the photos to the required under .5MB. Using a Macbook and the Photos app. Probably should be using a different photo app?

Hopefully these are some Vega pics. I like the idea of fastening the stanchion base to the bulwarks rather than through the deck. It will make removal for refinishing the bulwarks so much easier! That block that turns the jib/genny sheet 180 degrees doesn’t look adequate. Shouldn’t a 180 turn should deserve a heavy duty cheek block? Why not use the usual BCC system of a block strapped to the bulwarks?

BCC Vega stern.jpeg

Vega rudder.jpeg

Vega  jib sheet block.jpeg

Vega stanchion base.jpeg

Vega mast.jpeg

Vega bow.jpeg

I think there is probably a fairlead block forward on the bulwark - like most BCCs have - and that on Vega the line is being led from that fairlead block to this 180 block at the base of the gallows. This ensures a good low lead angle into the winch, which guards against overrides. It also occurs to me that this might permit larger dodger side flaps, as you no longer have to accommodate jib sheets leading forward off the primary winches. It’s an interesting rigging choice.

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Vega was up for sale in Pt Townsend, Cape George Marine’s website has a very detailed listing in their brokerage section. There are a lot of interesting choices on this boat, no doubt Cape George’s take on a BCC.

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