Am I out of my mind? once or twice a year I flip out and consider upgrading from my FC to BCC. I love my FC more than words but can never figure out how to add heat. One of these days I will sail south to the tropics but for the foreseeable future my preferred cruising ground is the Salish Sea. For you old coots who have owned both the question goes both ways. Am I out of my mind considering upgrading to a BCC or am I out of my mind sticking with my FC, just a fun topic to quiet the brain. I have pushed Sookie hard and know her upper limits very well, I wouldn’t hesitate to point her bow in any direction but still, a few more feet. Then there is her simplicity, she is virtually unstopable, paid for and has been my home for 6 years so i know her like the back of my hand.

What about a tiny tot?

Ahoy Barefootnavigator , tough decision you have , so maybe you need to sort out what creature comforts you can live with and what you can’t .

You must know by now , that you can get what you need in a F C , but a BCC would upgrade your comfort level .

As for a heater on my BCC to use in the P N W , I chose a Wallis diesel , but you wouldn’t need that if you sailed South into warmer climes .

BTW , I will be in P T , soon and be staying for the Summer , so , I could get that Discovery Islands chart , you loaned us , and return it to you , send an address by private message .

Happy Sails

I might just have to buy one and play with it. The issue is venting, with the galley foreword which I really like and my house mounted staysail sheet winches, the only place to vent is the foreword end of the dog house. The ideal location would be a cutout next to the starboard main bulkhead but this seems unsafe. She is a small boat when it comes to these things but in 6 years living aboard and cruising has never felt too small, ever. My only three gripes are lack of windward sailing ability in Gale conditions, no cockpit combing and no heat. I do everything to avoid sailing in gales, or at least to weather in them. I can live without the combing. Wet winters in the PNW without dry heat are intolerable…

Put a day tank in it and get a diesel heater. I have an eperspach… It’s an Airtronic. Uses very little fuel, it exhausts to the outside and is programmable. Stay away from the cheap Chinese heaters