Benjiwoodboat Nor'sea 27 Video


I enjoyed your videos of your trip to Maine on your Nor’sea 27.'sea+27&total=5&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0'sea+27&total=5&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0

Very Cool,


Funny Main sailing video, My God man, doubble reefed main and storm jib 25-30 kts winds, errrr sounds like typical summer day on San Francisco Bay, lol.

Hi Rod,

glad you enjoyed… i’ve also enjoyed your vids. there will more vids to come this summer… but this time on a BCC :wink:

(do you recall meeting in Baltimore a few years back when I was looking at Cherucca?)


Yes, I enjoyed meeting you and our conversation. I am sorry you did not have more time to chat. After you left I looked at your website and was very impressed with your depth of sailing experience. You are quite the seadog.

Are you still based in Maine??

It difficult to compare a BCC and a Nor’sea 27. Both are very seaworthy sailing machines. I would be happy sailing either boat. They are all compromises. I think you will find the BCC to be very fast but at times is can be a handful.



Marty, sounds rather conservative doesn’t it! One day earlier in the summer I sailed in 30kts with my 100% jib and buried the rail, filling the cockpit. Thought it might be a good idea to try and avoid that scenario while beating, singlehanded up a narrow river… it was a little slow going, but I felt comfortable.

Rod, I’m still “based” in Martha’s Vineyard, but have been living with my father this winter in NH, helping him deal with the snow and lonely winter.

Just had the potential BCC surveyed, and all looks good. Hope to have her up here by May 1…knock on wood.

By the way, I can highly recommend Mike Firestone to survey any BCC’s out there. He was fantastic: thorough, knowledgable and really took the time to educate me about the boat.


Mike Firestone is a friend of ours. We met him in Texas years ago. He is probably the best marine surveyor in the U.S. He was the former owner of Calypso before Jeremy and Niki purchased her. He knows IDUNA from being on her in San Francisco after she was knocked down off California and a few years ago when he was doing a survey in Baltimore. Mike flys all over the U.S. doing surveys and is one of the few surveyors who will go up the mast.

I thought your approach to heavy weather showed good seamanship. You were there. You know your boat. The viewer does not. San Francisco Bay does have wind and chop but it is not the ocean. I have a great deal of respect for Marty and I am quite sure he wrote what he did more in fun than anything else. San Francisco Bay sailors have to be tough to take the beating they do on Bay.

You father is lucky to have a good son like you.

Are there any anchorages in Martha’s Vineyard??

Congratulations on the purchase of the BCC. She is going to a good owner.

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Glad to hear you know Mike, and that you think he’s the best in the US! I’ve only had one other survey, and Mike was 1000% better than that guy. When he told me he will go up the mast, I knew he was the man for the job.

No worries Marty…didn’t take offense at all, and didn’t mean to sound snappy if I did. :slight_smile:

There are anchorages in Martha’s Vineyard. I lived aboard all summer on the hook in The Lagoon (Vineyard Haven), very protected and of course free. You should come up this summer! I’d be happy to welcome you and show you around.

You guys getting ready for spring down there?


Tongue in cheek guys, lighten up or at least stop taking those estrogen hormones, your getting a tad sensitive.

We know the difference from sailing in San Francisco Bay, high winds and chop; as blue water sailers we our last trip was 18 hours port to port, 35+ kts on the nose, 10’seas at 3 seconds coming up the california coast in a Hunter 45, it don’t get anymore fun than that.

And yes, Nor’Sea in 25-35 kts doubble reef and storm jib was good call showed nice trim and infinately more comfortable.

I remember a You-Tube clip I saw recently of a lobster boat crossing the chesapeake, they were calling it victory at sea or some such nonsense,harrowing experience, shallow 1’ wind waves and 20kts at best and fetch the length of a football field, The remarks from their fellow loberstermen were less than gracious.


yeah well said marty.