all my previous blocks have been made of stainless. the little pearl carries blocks made of wood and bronze. there are some pins that goes through the wood portion of the block and are now protruding out of the wood. is that something that can be fixed or do i need to replace the block?

Jo Anne,

I am thinking that the pins you refer to are the two sets (one on either end ) of the wood shell. If this is the case these pins serve to hold together the two halves of the wood shells that secure the sheave. It may be that the pins are merely protruding from the wood due to sanding of the wood shell over time.
The pins are either brass or bornze. As long as the wood shell is not comming apart the block should be fine. A picture posted here would confrim this.
If the wood parts of the block itself are loose then a new shell can be made.
I have made my owm shell blocks and with average skills anyone can make a new shell up using the old for a pattern.

Best to you
SV “Grey Seal”

after reading your post, i looked at the blocks again- looks like i’ll just tap them back in. thanks for the tip.

best regards