Boarding Ladder : SOLD

I have a Mystic Stainless boarding ladder for sale. It’s call " The Foldaway " and can be seen here … ( MYSTIC STAINLESS & ALUMINUM : THE FOLDAWAY ).

I believe it’s a very fine boarding ladder. I had it semi-permanently mounted at the shrouds on my last BCC. As can be seen from the web site it’s a bit of a pricey thing ( $973 = $865 for the ladder & $108 for the steps ). Although I did have it mounted on the boat for awhile it’s in very fine condition. The ladder is three sections and 70 inches long .

Be glad to part with it for $300 + shopping.


Did you select the step option when you purchased it? Also, did you have to drill holes in your bulwarks to mount it?


The step option… Yes and No. When I ordered the ladder I thought I asked for the steps but they thought I did not. So they sent the ladder without the steps. So, I called and complained and they then sent me the steps. So I have the steps but I’ve not installed them. A simple matter of drilling the holes and mounting them.

Yes, I had to drill holes in the bulwarks to mount the ladder. While there are a number of arrangements available for mounting it I chose to mount it on the bulwarks, so drilling holes is necessary.