Boarding ladder

Hi to everyone, and happy New Year!

Well, Calypso has some exciting plans for the year that involve some serious sailing (okay, cruising). Of course, this necessitates some serious boat projects! So I have been trolling the forum for past info from BCC owners.

I found some great info on boarding ladders from Roger and Bil dating back to 2003 - and at this point the pictures are stripped from that old Yahoo site. Does anyone have pictures/plans for a boarding ladder that fits our glorious boats?

Thanks so much to everyone.


s/v Calypso, BCC #6

I copied these three photos from the forum a couple of years ago.

I think I peeled these photos from that old thread.

Ladder connection.jpg

ladder up.jpg

laddwe down.jpg

Hi David
Any idea who makes this ladder?


OK I found it, I think.

A bit pricey, but what isn’t thats wourth the time and effort.


Thanks, David - those pictures helped a lot. And looking at that price list, Gary? I think we’ll be playing with the plans and description Roger posted along with Bil in 2003!

Cheers to all,


Ahoy Gary, when Mike Anderson was renovating BCC Calliste, I had his SS fabricator “Mike” copy and build a near copy of “The Foldaway”. Since I was a single hander I wanted a ladder that I could deploy from in the water, and this one could almost do that with out the stand-off struts being turned into place.

Mike knew that I was a scuba diver, so he used thick wall 1" ss tubing, expecting heavy loads, well it is just too heavy, IMO , so if I get a chance to rebuild it I would do it in aluminum, and let it oxidize to grey.

The other good feature was that I mounted a bronze track on top of the bulwarks, and used genoa track cars to anchor the ladder to the track. This made it possible to use the ladder on either port or stb .

I could send you a pik by email, if you want ?


Good morning Nica,

I have a boarding ladder that came off my BCC which I would be happy to donate to your cruise. It comes with all of the mounting hardware and will mount either side in the gate area. It folds up and is secured to the life lines.

GIve me a call if you are interested.

SV “Lightfoot”
845 895 2033

I visited the Mystic Stainless people to see their ladder. The product looks very well-made. However, it is expensive, and that is before the add-on costs for teak steps, the handle, and the extra attachment hardware for the other side of the boat. I almost ordered one. I stopped when I realized that it gets in the way of the genoa block, which means I’d never keep it attached.

I ended up getting this ladder:
The BCC needs: 2.5 inch hook, 12 inch top section, 3 inch standoff, and six steps.

It works well, stows easily, and is half the price. My only complaint is that it is a bit heavy. It takes a little energy to get out of the water without a handle sticking out from the lifeline stanchion. This kind of ladder cannot be your emergency solution.

I am also looking for a ladder. David’s is very nice looking. Clund’s [] is very nice and interesting too. Since they already have the measurements of BCC 28 I might go with them.
Any suggestions?

Meantime I am planning to install lifelines behind the cockpit.
My wife says she doesn’t feel safe.
I wonder what you think…

Following is an estimate for adding either a solid stern pulpit or life line wires to the stern.

Materials for Solid Pulpit
10? 1? S/S 316 tube
3 Schaefer stanchion bases
3 Schaefer backing plates
2 Toggle jaws for gate
2 Pelican hooks for gate
3? 3/16 wire for gate
Estimated Cost less 15%=$486.00
Labor for Solid Pulpit
Fabricate stern pulpit
Install on stern and make 2 life line gates
Estimated 6.5hrs x $90.00=$585.00

Estimated Project Total $1071.00

Materials for Wire Life Lines
3 Schaefer stanchions
3 Schaefer stanchion bases
3 Schaefer backing plates
Single gate eye
Threaded gate eye
2 Toggle jaws for gate
2 Pelican hooks for gate
9.5? 3/16 wire
Estimated Cost less 15%=$672.00
Labor for Wire Life Lines
Splice line to eye and snap shackle
Install on mast and boom
Estimated 2.75hrs x $90.00=$248.00

Estimated Project Total $920.00

I love my solid stern pulpit. I have lots of things attached to it (three antennas: FM, AIS, and SSB DSC; stereo speakers; VHF speaker; rescue rope; lifesling). I plan to add a wind generator next year and the stern pulpit will be an attachment point for the pole.

How is the quoted price?

No idea. My boat came with a stern pulpit. I’ve considered adding a bow pulpit but never gone so far as to get a quote.