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As a new BCC owner, I’ve been scratching my head a little about how to affix a boarding ladder to my BCC. The previous owner tells a slightly terrifying tale of falling in the drink, and struggling to get back on board. And, at the end of the day, it’s nice to go for a more voluntary swim now and then. No space on the transom, of course. Can anyone offer an opinion, and/or solution that has worked for them?


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I was hoping for a solution too, but for a Falmouth.

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Have you used the forum Search feature using Boarding Ladder?

Yes Dan, I have used the search function. It did not produce any previous post/threads related to “boarding ladder” or “ladder”.


Did you check “all dates”? I get several good threads.

Ahoy Greg , F W I W , in calm conditions and not underway , I have found a way to climb back onboard up through the “Vee” of the boomkin.

The Monitor wind vane helps with hand holds, and the trailing edge of the rudder provides a foot hold or step .

Greg: Hi!

One of the key threads is,265,313#msg-313

I think there’re a couple of other threads worth looking at too.

As Douglas noted, most of us have done the climb from rudder to boomkin a time or three.

The search engine that John Cole built works quite well. But you need to specify a search for ALL DATES, not just the past 30 days.



If you look at the the second page of the photo gallery there is a projects album. Within that is an album titled Boarding Ladders, which I believe has a pictorial of the ladder set up that is described in the link Bil posted.

I’ll take a picture of my S/S swim ladder tomorrow and post it.
Two small fittings with keyholes mount under the gate in the lifeline, and the foldable swim ladder clips on with projecting studs, and ties on with a lanyard for security. When not in use it stows in the lazarette.
I frequently climb up through the boomken as well !

Here are a couple of photos of my boarding ladder…not much use in single hand overboard situations but a very nice piece for on and off…

Still can’t seem to get images to attach to my replies in the forum…Put a couple of pics of my boarding ladder at the following link When I try to view them there I just see two boxes but, if you click on the blank boxes you will see the photos.

Not a useful ladder for falling overboard by one’s self but has served us well for 12 years getting on and off.

One of the nicest ladders! You may have mentioned who made it before, but can you remind me.
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The outfit that built mine…Tops In Quality…went out of business in 2010. When I clicked on their internet address, these guys came up…talked to the owner a bit and it sounds like they build the same style ladders…for what its worth…Tom

Clogging up this thread with another attempt to post an image…excuse me…T