Boat Security Ideas Needed

Ahoy Mates, not having carpet tacks onboard, just now, what are our current options for the same result, when we don’t live aboard and only can visit our boats on the weekend ?

Here in SE Asea, theft is rampant and getting worse, as scrap aluminum and bronze prices skyrocket.

I am going to try the deck sensor system by Bass Burglar Alarms,( so has anyone have information on installations like this ?

I am also interested in hooking up a cattle electric fence 12v energizer to my lifelines, so again I ask does anyone have thoughts or information on this type of system ?

Man traps are illegal in the US , but not here, and I have a shore-side 20’ shipping container/workshop to protect too.

Douglas, BCC Calliste

Hi, Doug and all,

Sorry, I don’t have any great ideas on security. It sounds like you’re already further along than we are. So far, we have been fine with the SLM provided lock on our companionway washboards, knock on wood (there’s plenty!)

Do you have another lock for either when you’re on board and want to keep others out and/or when you leave the boat? I have seen other boats with SS bars and such, but I haven’t come up with an elegant solution for Galatea yet. Every thing seems klugey. In the spirit of multifunctionality, I have thought of making a SS bar that can also serve as a spare handle for our ABI windlass, but I don’t have the details worked out. I just hate to clutter the entry with more hardware, but as we head toward South Africa, I’m thinking I’ll have to do something.

I’d welcome ideas from all comers, and pictures of your solutions would be very helpful.

Tom Unruh

Hi Tom, Congratulations, on making the successful voyage to OZ, that Tasman Sea is a worry.

Somewhere along that same streach of water, I too needed a way to secure my companionway hatch, from inside, with what I had onboard. Must have been that nasty stretch from Fiji to NZ.

I ended up cutting off my fuel tank measuring dipstick, to fit snugly between the forward inside of the companionway hatch thwartship midframe and forward to sit ontop of the teak trim strip, that surounds the fiberglass edge at the companionway. Since it is on an angle, it doesn’t seem to fall out.

The Teak stick is about 1/2" thick and 3/4" wide and I rounded over both ends.

As luck would have it, I get a double use for this “prop” stick.

I always needed to prop open the chart table top when foraging in the ice box, and this same stick used as a prop, fits there too.

When ever I get the chance to go onboard another owner’s BCC, I am always surprised at the ingenious ways, they found to solve a simple problem with a simple answer.

Yes, I cut and made a new fuel measuring dipstick when I was in OZ, but just drooled over the fuel tank sight gage, which I saw later, on BCC Zygote in Penang.