Boat Watch - Mandy (cancelled)

Hello All - Calypso is in Eleuthera, Bahamas - and this morning we heard on the SSB that BASRA (Bahamas Air Sea Rescue) that they have posted a boat watch for Mandy. Mandy is reported to have left Cuba Dec 29 headed for somewhere in the Bahamas and is overdue. No details about where they were headed in the Bahamas. Does anyone have any information on Mandy?

Jeremy (who only has occasional internet access these days)

From Mandy’s Blog -

01/15/2010 | Daisy (somethingpretty2 att yahoo dott com)
Hi everyone, this is Daisy - Richard and Virginia’s daughter if we haven’t met. Just wondering if anyone who has closer contact with my parents has heard from them as to whether they had already gone to the Bahamas when that earthquake hit Haiti. As far as I know their plan was to head to the Bahamas from Cuba after the holidays, but we haven’t heard from them since Christmas and are not sure if they followed through with that plan. I am sure they are safe and we will hear from them soon, but I was hoping maybe one of their fellow sailors may have some more recent news or assurance of their safety, or perhaps some idea of the route they planned to take. Lots of love and best wishes for the new year to all,

01/16/2010 | Laura de Seroux (lauradeseroux att sbcglobal dott net)
Hi Daisy, I’ve been wondering too if anyone has heard from them. This is a long time to go without posting…
01/19/2010 | Laura de Seroux (lauradeseroux att sbcglobal dott net)
Any word???
01/19/2010 | Daisy (somethingpretty2 att yahoo dott com)
No word yet but we are beginning some preliminary inquiries in Cuba and the Bahamas. Does anyone know what sort of radio they have on their boat for communication with other vessels?

Mandy’s blog is at

Mandy has reported in and they are safe :slight_smile:

We are still in Cuba
01/20/2010, Manzanillo, Cuba

For all those worried because we had not posted for a while we are still in Cuba, working our way along the south coast. There has been no internet for 200 miles.

We will e’mail individually shortly and will post again before long.

Thanks for the concern,

Thanks for finding this Rod - I’ve notified BASRA. Regards, Jeremy